Comprehensive Engineering Services

From Prototype to Production, We Offer Comprehensive Engineering Services

Bowman Tool & Machining understands that precision-based manufacturing and assembly demands attention at each stage. The quality of our production process ensures the quality of our products. One of the most important parts of our success in precision machining, tooling, and assembly is creating a viable foundation for production. Building this foundation requires a well-formed, highly capable system for prototype design and fabrication. At BTM, you can count on our expert engineering services to support you, from prototype to production.  

 Successful manufacturing begins with prototype design. At BTM, we provide contract manufacturing from the ground up, including engineering services for comprehensive prototyping.

 Our engineering services take an upwards approach to prototyping with the simple three-step manufacturing process of consultation, design, and creation.

 Consultation: A successful project begins with our understanding of our customer’s needs. Communication between our engineers and clients in the consultation process is key in giving us both a point of departure and a path to follow throughout prototyping a product. Once our engineers understand what the part’s capabilities and tolerances need to be, we can move to the design stage of product planning.  

 Design: At BTM, we can design a prototype with the use of high-tech imaging software, performance simulation, and digital quality control. This provides our engineers with the information they need to build a quality product. Not only do our prototype design abilities and technology act as rapid product analysis and correction, the process as a whole is a critical stage that allows for the realization of an idea and opens the door to production. 

Creation: With prototype designs made to the customer’s exact specifications, the time comes to put those blueprints into construction. Our prototyping teams use a range of fabrication methods, depending on the product, to allow our customers to evaluate a physical part before launching mass-production.

 These three steps of BTM prototyping are a clean, simplistic approach to what is ultimately a complex process. With our state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing technology, experienced team of engineers, and quality materials, you can expect the best with Bowman Tool & Machining when it comes to creating a new product.

 If you’re ready to begin your prototype project, trust the experts at BTM. Contact us at (507) 286-1400 today to schedule your consultation.