Coordinate Measuring Machines and Their Role in Our Custom Machining

Coordinate Measuring Machines and Their Role in Our Custom Machining

Custom manufacturing for any industry relies on the hard work of each engineer, manager, technician, and administrator. This work in turn relies on continuing function of high quality machinery, advanced software, and well-tuned equipment. Bowman Tool & Machining provides innovative custom machining for a range of industries. Our comprehensive services cover every stage of the manufacturing process from prototype design to fabrication to assembly. Each stage of the custom machining and production process utilizes state-of-the-art equipment built on the strong foundation of the knowledge and skill of our team members. 

One of the most important parts of BTM facilities utilized in our custom machining and comprehensive manufacturing services is our coordinate measuring equipment. Our five coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer complete geometric form analysis for parts at each stage of production. From piecemeal-machined components to assembled parts, our CMM capabilities provide our team members with the necessary data to maintain quality control every step of the way.

 CMM Functions 

Our CMMs use highly-rated, regularly-updated software and quality-tested machines for form analysis. By processing a series of coordinate points of a part or component on x, y, and z axes, CMMs are able to provide advanced data on the geometry of even the most complex objects. This process can be repeated and provides information to our engineers almost instantly.

 Three-Dimensional Quality Control

The ability to gather reliable computer-generated geometric information about intricate parts and components has vastly improved our custom manufacturing process. BTM takes advantage of the data that advanced software and CMMs provide. Our CMM capabilities act as a quality control system at a three-dimensional level for parts of all shapes and sizes. CMMs offer non-invasive analysis, gathering form data that allows the rapid elimination of structural flaws and providing a practical approach to design. CMM software also serves to sort and organize large files of generated data, streamlining the quality control process for all custom machining and assembly orders.

For more information about our CMMs and software or other equipment, contact Bowman Tool & Machining at (507) 286-1400. If you’re ready to begin work with BTM and benefit from our quality custom machining, request a quote today.