Bowman Tool Quality & Delivery Performance

Bowman Tool Quality & Delivery Performance

1Q 2018


Bowman Tool & Machining had another quarter of strong performance for 1Q 2018. In the areas of quality and delivery, we have exceeded our aggressive targets, and that is what our customers have come to expect. Our delivery performance target is 98% on-time; we have met or exceeded this target for each of the three months. As a matter of fact, for the last two months we were at 100%! Our quality performance target is less than 250 PPM. In the last two months, we were significantly below our target as well and in January we had ZERO defects!

These results are reflective of a very strong and seasoned team. Our machinists average eight years of experience, some have close to 25 years of experience! Our machines are maintained by our onsite maintenance team, who average 17 years of experience. One of our maintenance technicians has over 32 years of experience, all with Bowman Tool. We have a seasoned senior management team also, who average more than 25 years of service in the industry.

Bowman Tool & Machining’s debt is low. We are poised to make investments in the right areas to better serve our customers. Our vision statement is, “To have profitable growth through high customer satisfaction.” We live and act to achieve our vision statement each day.

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