Agriculture and Farm Equipment Development With BTM Precision Machining in Rochester, MN

Agriculture and Farm Equipment Development With BTM Precision Machining in Rochester, MN  

Partnering with Bowman Tool and Machining means that you can expect reliable and quality precision-machined parts for industries that demand highly technical, complex components. We serve a wide range of industries with custom manufactured parts as small as .25 pounds to as large as 1,600 pounds. From tiny components that play a big role in MRI scanning to assembled parts that hold up in heavy machinery, BTM can provide quality custom precision machining in Rochester, MN.

 One of the largest industries BTM serves with precision-machined parts include vehicles and equipment for on and off highway, engine, recreational, and utility purposes. With the rapidly advancing technology involved in this industry, the high-quality, reliable parts BTM manufactures are key in ensuring the safe and effective use of the equipment. Farming in the US, for example, relies on the heavy agricultural equipment and farm vehicles for which BTM plays an important role in the manufacturing process.

 BTM capabilities in manufacturing custom parts and components for agriculture and farm equipment help sustain communities across the country with healthy, safe foods and protect farmers from the dangers of unreliable machinery. By fabricating and assembling high-integrity parts with quality materials, BTM is able to provide dependable, long-lasting components for a wide range of agriculture vehicles and farm equipment including, but not limited to: 

  • Tracked/two-wheel tractors and farm trucks
  • Tillers, ploughs, and irrigation machinery
  • Fertilizing and pesticide spray machinery
  • Automated produce sorting and processing equipment
  • Combines and other harvesters
  • Balers and movers
  • Backhoes and other loading equipment
  • Livestock movers and crop transportation

 From land cultivation to harvesting and processing, BTM provides precision-machined parts for the wide range of equipment needed. Our custom CNC machining operations offer our customers the capabilities of horizontal and vertical machining, horizontal and vertical lathes, specialty spindle tooling, and internally integrated automated cells for the most precise, reliable design and production possible. BTM’s expert engineers and hardworking staff are committed to providing long-term solutions for manufacturing agriculture equipment and a range of additional parts for industries across the U.S.

 For more information about BTM equipment, the industries we serve, and our custom manufacturing with precision machining in Rochester, MN, contact us at (507) 286-1400 or request a quote to start a partnership in excellence today.