Benefits of Choosing Custom Machining in Rochester, MN, for Agricultural Vehicle Parts

Benefits of Choosing Custom Machining in Rochester, MN, for Agricultural Vehicle Parts

At Bowman Tool & Machining, we provide custom machined parts to a range of industries, but a large portion of our work goes to producing parts for agricultural equipment and farm vehicles. One of our specialties is the design, production, and assembly of transmission cases, axles, and pinions for the agriculture equipment industry. Our 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space and wide range of CNC machining centers and additional state-of-the-art equipment provide the facilities we need to manufacture complex custom parts. With weights ranging from 1 to 1,600 pounds in every shape and size, BTM produces quality machine part for agricultural equipment and farm vehicles with advanced custom machining in Rochester, MN.

 Whatever your production project goals may be, BTM will work with you to manufacture even the most complex custom parts, big or small. When you choose to work with BTM, you choose to take advantage of the significant benefits our custom machining shop provides.

 Long-lasting: At BTM, we build our parts to last through the high-stress environments all farm implements are exposed to daily. The strain of hard work that tractors, plows, tillers, planters, harvesters, fertilizer and water spreaders, and all other farm machinery and vehicles experience can cause severe damage to internal custom parts. BTM custom machined parts, including heavy-duty specialized transmission cases, axles, and pinions, are made with quality materials resistant to corrosion or chemical damage and designed to fit perfectly to provide unsurpassed strength and function. 

 No compromise: When you choose to work with BTM for your custom manufacturing project, you get the best with no compromise. No matter what size or shape part you need, our engineering team and machine technicians will work to design, build, and assemble a part that fits your exact specifications. No longer will you need to compromise your product goals to fit existing designs. Additionally, with our facilities and CNC equipment including horizontal and vertical machining centers, lathes, internally integrated automated cells, CMMs, advanced CAD/CAM software, and quality prototyping equipment, you’ll never have to compromise quality for competitive prices.

High-functioning: At BTM, we have over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom parts for suppliers and companies across Minnesota and the surrounding areas. Because of this, our production of custom agriculture machine parts is reliable for seamless integration into customer systems, long-lasting durability, and high-functionality. The heavy-duty work that most farm vehicles and agriculture equipment accomplish each day demands high-functioning, powerful parts, including transmission cases, axles, and pinions that don’t lose their functional integrity.

To learn more about our capabilities for custom machining in Rochester, MN, and our production of agricultural and other machine parts, contact us at (507) 286-1400 today or request a quote online.