Engineering Support Software Improves CNC Machining

How Engineering Support Software Improves CNC Machining

For many years now, industrial high-quality machining and tooling couldn’t be accomplished without highly-advanced software and computer controls. That software becomes more intelligent each year, and to survive in this quickly changing field, manufacturing companies must learn to adapt and improve. At Bowman Tool & Machining, we’re committed to supporting innovation in machining, tooling, and custom precision manufacturing without compromising our production capabilities or our customer’s schedules. With our wide range of trusted software programs and engineering support, our production floor whirrs with the power of high-quality precision CNC machining in Rochester, MN.

BTM works with a wide range of highly efficient, advanced software programs to operate with our vertical and horizontal machining centers. This supports our engineering and production process to provide on-time service and reliable parts.

CADKEY: Our CADKEY software is considered one of the classic pioneers in computer-aided design software. With BTM’s Version 2:5.01 program, our engineers work to create a three-dimensional geometric visual design of part components and a fully-assembled part meeting the exact specifications of our customers

Mastercam: Mastercam is a forward-thinking software provider with solutions meeting BTM turning, milling, EDM, and CAD expectations for all our custom manufacturing projects. With their green initiative and versatile products, we feel good about our use of Mastercam software as a part of BTM engineering support.

PC-DNC: The Suburban Machinery Software, INC company has 36 years of experience in developing manufacturing software programs and has worked in the field from its beginnings as a viable solution to computer-controlled production. BTM utilizes wireless 5.0 PC-DNC software for communication on the floor, data gathering and analysis, and by-the-minute machine monitoring.

SOLIDWORKS: Engineering support systems would be lacking without the benefit that SOLIDWORKS software provide. From CAD/CAM to automated machining, their programs give our engineers the support they need from the ground up.

 Micro Estimating: The digital prediction and data analysis that Micro Estimating systems offer means our engineers can access exact numbers and simulated geometry for even the most complex parts. Our use of Micro Estimating software improves accuracy and reliability in design, precision machining, and assembly. 

CAMWorks: Custom manufacturing can meet all customer expectations and more with the software modules that CAMWorks provides. Multi-axis CNC milling, EDM, turning, and more is at your beck-and-call when you choose to work with BTM and our CAMWorks software.

Advanced software programs like these have opened the gates for unparalleled custom manufacturing capabilities, and with the BTM engineering support system, you can expect better products and services. To learn more about how our software promotes quality with CNC machining in Rochester, MN, contact BTM at (507) 286-1400 or request a quote to get started on your custom manufacturing project today.