Use of Planetary Pinion Carriers and Their Production Benefits with Precision Machining

Use of Planetary Pinion Carriers and Their Production Benefits with Precision Machining

  Hundreds of years ago, Greek and Roman mathematicians and engineers developed epicyclic gear trains with planetary pinion and gear trajectories. Since then, the highly effective planetary gear systems have remained largely the same, but the technology for manufacturing and assembling these systems has advanced into the state-of-the-art equipment and engineering capabilities we use today. At Bowman Tool & Machining, we utilize a range of tools, machinery, robots, software, and knowledge to design and build planetary pinion carriers. For heavy duty vehicles, agriculture equipment, and more, BTM meets all your needs with custom precision machining.

While the technology for planetary pinion carriers has existed for centuries, there are always opportunities to improve design and production quality. With BTM, you can expect us to always take those opportunities whenever possible. As a contract manufacturer of custom planetary pinion carriers, we strive to innovate and streamline the production process to provide our customers with reliable, precision machined parts on time and with the highest quality.

With BTM precision machining, planetary pinion carriers benefit from our equipment, expertise, software, project management, and 150,000 square foot facility.

Equipment and Software

Our wide range of precision machining equipment, including 40 horizontal and 3 vertical machining centers, 6 horizontal and 5 vertical lathes, 2 specialty lathes, 2 internally integrated automated cells, and comprehensive support equipment, are all controlled to exact degrees of measurement with our calibrated software systems. BTM’s CNC equipment and advanced software is reliable, effective, and high-quality for the precision machining of planetary pinion carriers. With the full use of our custom machining facilities at your service, you can rely on our team to get the job done.

Expertise and Experience

For over 40 years, BTM has provided custom machining services with our fully-equipped facilities nationwide. Today, our experience and practices follow our core principles including attention to detail and a passion to perform. Our expertise in CNC precision machining for planetary pinion carriers and more are supported by the knowledge and skill of our engineers, technicians, and machinists as well as the competence of our management and customer service teams.

Planetary pinion carriers are key components in a wide range of systems from tractors to construction machinery. Don’t waste time with low-quality parts that come fast and cheap. Instead, invest your time and budget in long-lasting parts made with precision and care. Contact Bowman Tool & Machining at (507) 286-1400 to learn more about our services and precision machining capabilities, or request a quote today.