The 3 C's That Make or Break Precision Machining Companies

Bowman Tool and Machining Inc. Shares the “3 C’s” That Make or Break Precision Machining Companies

If you’re in need of precision machining, you have a difficult decision to make. Among all the precision machining companies available and surrounding areas, you must choose the one you can trust.

When you need a part for your machine, you want the process handled from start to finish by a company who doesn’t just see you as a customer, but a partner.

At Bowman Tool and Machining, we’ve spent the past 40 years forming bonds through teamwork with everyone we’ve served.

Today we’re going to cover some questions and concerns you might have to ensure Bowman Tool is the right choice to be your partner in precision machining.


Not all machining companies are built alike (pun intended).

You may be wondering if we just focus on small parts or are only capable of handling larger ones. Our answer? We have the capabilities to handle both and everything in between.

With 54 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines – ranging from 400mm to 1000m – we can handle parts ranging from 1 lb. to 6600 lbs.

This means you can come to us with jobs of essentially any size. Plus, our state of the art, 150,000 square ft. facility, gives us the bandwidth to handle a range of order amounts from a single prototype to a fleet of parts.

Our capabilities don’t stop with our machines. We’ve created a reliable and responsive staff to meet your needs, even on short notice. Working with Bowman Tool and Machining gives you the personal touch of a small machine shop with the readiness to tackle big projects because we have the personnel to handle them.


 When you work with a precision machining company, you don’t want surprises. You want to work with a team that keeps you informed every step of the way.

With Bowman Tool, you’ll work with a staff who not only communicates with you effectively, but communicates within its own company with an eye toward excellence.

For example, in the prototype to production process, we’ll work with you to meet all specifications requested, even if they appear complex and challenging on the surface.

After creating the initial prototype, we’ll use our Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) to make sure the part functions precisely as it should. That data circulates back to the beginning of the process, with us communicating each step to you along the way, to make sure the part is crafted to as close to perfect as possible.

 We also communicate as a team to make sure our processes are running smoothly. In our daily white board meetings, we review strategies to reduce lead times, increase efficiencies, and discuss cutting edge trends and techniques in the machining industry, all of which gets communicated back to our quality control team and machinists on the floor.

 Why do we do this?

 We focus on excellence so much because we literally imagine the farmer on his combine or planter, the person driving their car, or the person laying underneath an MRI machine.

 In a way, modern society isn’t possible without the parts precision machining creates.

 We provide parts in industries where precision matters, so why wouldn’t we go the extra mile to help our partners?


 How does a precision machining business stay around for 40 years? That’s a good question.

 In the machining industry, stories have circulated about companies that fail. They take on jobs they’re incapable of performing, communication lapses, debt is owed, and all the sudden keeping doors open becomes difficult.

 At Bowman tool, we’ve learned to grow at a pace allowing us to increase our capability and knowledge while protecting our partners in the process and staying debt free.

 This dedication to consistency allows us to guarantee 100 percent on time delivery. It’s what makes us keep you informed from the very beginning stages of pre-production, through the machining process, and even providing support after the parts have been shipped out the door.

 We built our business on the philosophy that consistently creating quality products creates success. If you work with us, you won’t just be a customer, but a part of a continuing legacy of strong relationships and top-tier precision parts.

 Here’s what you do next. Pick up the phone, dial (507) 286-1400 and speak with one of our representatives at our  facility. Let’s talk about your precision machining needs and see how we can work together.