BTM Achieves 56 PPM for last 12 months

BTM Achieves 56 PPM for last 12 months

Bowman Tool- a company located in Rochester Minnesota machines complex raw castings serving Construction, Forestry and Agriculture market sectors announces 12 months of quality and delivery results. BTM’s PPM is a very low 56 with 100% on time delivery. We asked BTM’s Engineering and Quality manager how BTM achieves such incredible results. His response is below. 

Bowman Tool & Machining Inc invests in a high-performance quality culture by developing/maintaining an outstanding knowledge-based team focused on developing proactive approaches to solve problems before they occur. BTM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and continues to increase our QMS effectiveness by identifying and addressing risks and opportunities.  Some highlights of our recipe for success are as follows:

    • Invest and retain talented individuals- for a great team that reflects exceptional performance as measured by BTM and our customers daily. We take pride in our employees and work together to identify and remove obstacles to success as well as create an incentivized work environment.  
    • Understand customer requirements- develop lasting relationships, become engaged in the customers value-add supply chain, and work together to create the best cost-effective product plan. BTM most often exceeds our customer expectations in all aspects of the delivery process including; design, prototype, materials procurement, production, shipping and end of life service. 
    • Communication and Transparency- ensure all stakeholders have timely information with which to make informed decisions to maintain focus on proactive action plans.  
    • Processed based methodology (Plan-Do-Check-Act)- for exceptional manufacturing performance we have developed a succinct set of performance metrics which we continually monitor. Based on the metrics we take appropriate action with an emphasis on being proactive. 
    • Production/manufacturing support- all manufacturing products and processes have detailed support documents. All stakeholders at BTM are trained/confirmed they understand how to utilize these resources. The teams creating these product and process documents have many combined years of experience. This ultimately gives our customers great service and value and more importantly, no surprises.
    • Continuous improvement- continual effort to review and monitor business processes for deficiencies and exposures as we look to enhance performance through metrics-based measurement. Continuous improvement is an important part of our quality policy.
    • Preventative maintenance- equipment up-time is essential for successful capacity planning and delivering customer product on-time. BTM utilizes a dedicated metrics based preventative maintenance scheduling program using OEM recommendations for all equipment at BTM. 

As a result, recent 12-month rolling PPM is 56 with 100% on time delivery performance as measured by one of our larger customers. A PPM of 56 is incredible for a company that machines complex raw castings. These results encompass daily production requirements, new product introduction projects, and legacy products. We can attribute some of the success for these results to following a correctly structured PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and following up with rigid/validated execution. Honestly, it truly is people with passion playing/working as a team at all levels in the organization for a common goal that is the #1 ingredient for our continued success and, we have them at Bowman Tool & Machining Inc.  located in Rochester Minnesota.