BTM Awarded Partner by John Deere

Bowman Tool is Awarded Partner Status by John Deere

For John Deere’s fiscal year 2019 Bowman Tool (BTM) was awarded John Deere’s highest supplier honor. Bowman Tool achieved partner level performance. BTM has shipped on time to John Deere for 33 consecutive months. PPM for 2019 was an incredible 84. This is fantastic performance especially considering the complexity of the parts BTM machines for John Deere. BTM machines planet pinion carriers, axels, transmission housings, differential housings, spacers, oil pans, quills and loader frame arms. These parts are complex with many features. Some of these parts have more than 900 features!

BTM is a family owned company and has been a full-service supplier to John Deere since 1988 some 31 years! We proactively work with JD Procurement, Engineering, PEC and Quality stake holders on new product introductions as a development partner and design consultant. We are involved in every stage of a parts life cycle. It all starts with the design stage and moves through the prototype, materials procurement, production, and shipping stages, completing with end of life service. The result is a final product that meets John Deere’s exacting requirements.

AT BTM our employees have a passion for high customer satisfaction. It is one of the main reasons we have been in business since 1977 without interruption. Each employee focuses on how they can continuously improve processes. Monthly all employee discussions are centered around continuous process improvements. We also discuss metrics on safety, quality, service and productivity.

We are very proud to be awarded partner  level performance by John Deere. Stay tuned for pictures from our upcoming January meeting at John Deere where we will receive this prestigious award.