Manufacturing Perfection with CNC Machining

Bowman Tool & Machining is Manufacturing Perfection with CNC Machining


CNC machining covers a wide variety of applications to fill your precision machining and contract manufacturing needs.

When you understand how CNC machining works, you can make smart decisions for finding the right machining company to help with your next project.

On top of the vast capabilities our machines provide, we add additional levels of quality management, internal review, and improvement processes to keep our projects on time and budget with as few errors possible.

When you understand how the process works and the benefits it can provide for your business, you can make smart decisions to get the parts you need for the equipment in your business.



Humankind has consistently demonstrated our ability to do and invent amazing things using only our hands and simple tools, but the greatest invention by far has come in the last half century when we developed computers. Computers have the power to command and control other tools with a preciseness that was before unthinkable. This was particularly groundbreaking for the manufacturing industry. For the manufacturing world, the invention of computer technology and accompanying software changed the game for precision, speed, and strength. Today, computer numerical control (CNC) machining equipment is commonplace on many operations floors guided by advanced program software. At Bowman Tool & Machining (BTM), our team of skilled, expert engineers and machinists utilize CNC machining in our state-of-the-art facilities to provide the highest-quality precision manufacturing services possible to our clients.

Computer numerical control was first utilized in some capacity with the tape-punch servomechanisms of the 1940s and 1950s. While effective in its own right, this analog method of manufacturing cannot compare to today’s digital high-powered computer intelligence. With a 150,000 square foot manufacturing space, BTM houses over 50 CNC machining centers and additional automated equipment that serves as a prime example of what computer numerical control can do for the custom manufacturing industry.

For over 40 years, BTM has worked to continue embracing advances and innovations in CNC machining. Today we take projects of all shapes and sizes into our experienced hands and, with an engineering-driven approach, manufacture components and parts with unparalleled quality. Even with our highly skilled team and our efficient production procedures, BTM’s level of excellence would not be possible without our pillar of strength: CNC machining.


CNC Machining Basics

Let’s start with a simple CNC machine definition.

Per Thomas Net:

 “CNC Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders. The CNC in CNC Machining stands for Computer Numerical Control.”

 Each machined part starts out as a block of raw material. Precision machining cuts the raw material to specifications that become the individual part.

CNC machining makes this process both accurate and more efficient. You program the machine once, and it repeats the process as many times as you need it to.

To understand what can be accomplished with our advanced CNC machining capabilities, it’s important to recognize a few basic facts about the process.


CNC Machine Programming

CNC machining relies on the preprogramming of tool movement into our manufacturing-specific software. This programming system is based on movement across three axes: x, y, and z (respectively: horizontal, vertical, and depth movement). Our engineers program a CNC operation based on the data specific to a digital part design using the geometry built with our computer-aided design (CAD) software and translated through computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

This programming ability works well for rapid prototyping and machining complex parts because both require an extremely accurate process to complete.



The patterns of movement a CNC machine follows are determined by the instruction code programmed in the common CNC language g-code. G-code communicates the full process for a machining operation, including speed, feed rate, and full range of motion.



The CNC machining process is also directed in varying ways depending on whether it runs on a closed-loop or an open-loop system. When open, the CNC signal runs in one direction between the control and the motor. When closed, the control receives constant feedback from a cyclical loop. While a CNC machine can operate on either system, a closed-loop may be more effective in correcting errors in the machining process as it receives feedback information on speed, momentum, and position.


CNC Machining Tools:

At BTM, we utilize several types of machining tools for a comprehensive fabrication approach to manufacturing any given part.

Primary, we operate with CNC mills and lathes. Our CNC milling centers offer machining at several depths along the x-axis in addition to horizontal and vertical movement along the x and y axes. Our CNC lathes provide both x and y axis movement cutting on a changeable circular index. Both mill and lathe movements are programmed through G-code specifications.


CNC Milling Machines

When you cut a part using a CNC milling machines, the tool itself moves around the part and the part is stationary. The computer control will guide the machine to cut the part along a predetermined path.

These machines are more suitable for complex parts with intricate cut patterns. The versatility of these machines means they can cut virtually any part.

We use these machines as part of the contract manufacturing process to machine parts with predefined specifications and we can also use them in the prototype to production process for newly invented parts.


CNC Lathes

CNC lathes work in the exact opposite fashion. The part rotates around the tool. This process is commonly used for cylindrical parts.

You can create the same parts using a milling machine as you can with a lathe, but the process for creating cylindrical parts and other parts that favor this type of machine is much more streamlined using a lathe.

With 54 different CNC machines, any company working with us can be sure we can machine their part and have the capabilities to do it.


Benefits of CNC Machining

 Everything we do is for our clients. While there are many benefits of CNC machining for us as manufacturers, all of them translate into benefits for our clients.

 Precision: CNC machining can achieve accuracy within 1/1000th, virtually eliminating human error. This accuracy is also able to be replicated, allowing for consistent uniformity in parts and components, resulting in higher quality for our clients.

 Speed:  We understand the importance of getting your components on time. CNC machines can create uniform parts, quickly. Not only can they outpace their traditional counterparts, CNC machines can work around the clock, never needing a break, except for routine maintenance. This means the turnaround time for clients is less and there’s less disruption in the line of production.

 Low Cost:  While the initial investment in CNC machines is higher, in the long run it’s worth it. For high-quantity projects, CNC machining is more cost effective than traditional machining. CNC machining is efficient, precise, quick, and requires little labor. All of this adds up to serious savings for our clients.

 Versatility: If you can dream it, CNC machines can create it. CNC machines are highly versatile and can include a variety of accessories and features that expand their machining capabilities. They’re capable of creating complex components that would otherwise be impossible by manual machines and compatible with a variety of materials including aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, wood, and plastic. Between our prototyping design and development services and our CNC machining capabilities, we’re able to provide unique solutions for our clients.

The CNC machining process is almost completely automated from design to programming to operation. Because BTM’s skilled engineers utilize advanced prototyping software in the design process and seamlessly translate CAD files into CAM and CNC systems, our CNC machining operations are the single most efficient and accurate methods of custom manufacturing.

If you’re ready to work with a reliable, quality, customer-focused manufacturer who can address all of your design and production needs, contact Bowman Tool & Machining. To learn more about our full services and precision-based CNC machining, contact us at (507) 286-1400 or request a quote today.